The FIND – method: Part 3

The FIND method-part two
July 18, 2019
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The FIND – method: Part 3

Today I will describe the meaning of the word “need” as I understand it in the context of the sentence : ” Focus your intention on what you NEED to do.”

Before I continue: It has come to my attention that I mistakenly misnamed Lynn Mc Taggart’s book in my previous blog, which is of course “The intention experiment” and not “The power of intention” which has been written by dr. Wayne Dyer.

I have also received constructive criticism on the length of my blogs and will from now on be aiming to keep them shorter.

We all ask ourselves the ” Why am I here?” and “What is my unique purpose?” questions at some stages in our lives. Contrary to popular belief these need not be philosophical or rhetorical questions.

The only thing we need to do in this life, is to combine our “passions” with our “powers” and check that these are in line with our core values. Our passions being that which we love doing and our “powers” those talents, gifts and abilities which we were born with and need to develop during our life time.

Fulfilling our unique purpose are of essence for each of us if we want to be truly happy and successful and to fulfill our higher needs of growth and contribution. Knowing what we are good at, combining it with what we love to do and checking that these are in alignment with our core values, will literally help us to find our unique place in this world as well as what we truly NEED to do.

No one else can fulfill your purpose and neither can you fulfill anybody else’s purpose in life. It is thus very important to never compare yourself with anybody else. In any one else’s life you will just be a square peg in a round hole. Just focus on your purpose and how you can grow and develop your skills and specialties. We all have a fingerprint unique set of core values for this reason. You may have the same values as someone else on the surface, but we all ascribe different meanings to our values.

In his book “Good to great” Jim Collins writes about companies that he studied with a team of researchers over at least 15 years, that have consistently performed great. The methods these companies used to achieve have always been the same and are all worth looking at because we can apply them in our private lives as well. I will discuss all the elements that made these companies consistently successful in another blog, but for our intents and purposes I will only mention what Jim calls “The “hedge hog” concept here:

This concept got its name from a fable about a fox that always tried different ways to catch a hedgehog. The hedgehog on the other hand, just curled into a little bundle every time the fox tried to attack him and shot out his quills to defend himself successfully each time. Jim and his team noticed that the companies who repeatedly just focused on there niche market and served it with their strengths driven by the same economic factors, where the ones that consistently performed great.

The moral of the story is that we should just consistently apply our strengths and talents all the time, driven by our core values and that will make us great in our chosen field.

It also teaches us not to try too many different things, like the scaly fox, but to narrow our focus to only that which we need to do- which is consistently combine our unique talents and interests to the best of our abilities and check that they align with our core values.

James Clear, author of “Atomic habits” describes living out what we need to do ( our purpose practically) as follows: ” The secret to maximizing your odds of success is to choose the right field of competition….what aligns with your natural inclinations and abilities (?) ” Competence is highly dependent on context” (p 218 +219). He also says:

“The key is to direct your effort toward areas that both excite you and match your natural skills, to align your ambition with your ability.” (p.219)

My wish for everybody is to find out what they need to do- what their unique purpose is, because we each have a small but vital role to play- and when played well ( when our passions and powers are combined and in alignment with our core values) we make a positive difference not only in our own lives but also in the lives of others and in effect, the whole world.

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